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Research Topic: Ethnolinguistic Factors Affecting Proficiency in English Language in Two sub-Saharan Nations.




To Study the Creative Use of English Language and Effect Attitudinal Change Towards Reading in Selected Communities.

Design/ Methodology/Approach:

Written and spoken pieces were collected  from creative writers in two sub-Saharan countries: English 001 and English 002 and were analysed from March 2022 to December 2023.


Language by users in sub categories W and P was richer and adherence to norms in standard English were more prevalent. Respondents in subgroups in both Focus groups English 001 and English 002 who spent a proportionate amount of time reading current literature and watching Mainstream news channels such as the BBC and CNN did better in writing competitions. Additionally, it was found that local dialects in both communities may affect functional grammar and pronunciation of some English phonemes.

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