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Books by B. James

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Misjudged and Misperceived


My psychosis took hold aged sixteen and I’m scarred by the memories of being detained in an archaic inpatient Unit.

“He’s been kicking off nonstop, so I’ve drawn up 5 millilitres of intramuscular Haloperidol.”

A flustered looking female nurse announced, racing down the corridor in Bwaila Mental Health Unit, Lilongwe.  My eyes wildly darted towards her hand; her efforts to conceal a syringe under a flimsy paper towel in a kidney dish had been futile. I float into another realm; her light blue uniform causing the nerves in my prefrontal cortex to twitch ten to a dozen. I was experiencing a migraine and the voice in my head was barking orders like a siren blaring in one of the Prison Break DVDs I had watched a couple of days before.


What the Seashell said to Me

November, 2022

I have forever been a seashell, an introverted poet

harbouring society’s indecipherable noises in a cavity of creativity and reprocessing them as what might be perceived as insightful sounds heard by rare seashell-lovers who listen intently.

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The waves at Lumley Beach (In honour of Kadiatu Kamara, aka KK our only female surfer) O F f shore A solitary figure Sliding along the wave Gliding into its concave With the elegant skill of the brave. T R A N S F I X E D I watch as the sea breeze whispers: Sierra Leone will ride the wave Strength is stashed in her secret coffers Courage has churned in her coral cave Together, we will OWN the wave.


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